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Ever girl's crazy `bout a sharp dressed man!

This is a sample page to work from. Although we can't write HTML or debug CGI for you, this page will help you get started publishing on the Web. Everything demonstrated on this page (and more) is described and explained on the Web FAQ.. All you need to get started are your TIAC account, an FTP program, and some creativity! To see the HTML behind this page, choose View in your browser's menu, and select "Source" (if you're in MSIE) or "Document Source" (if you're in Netscape).

We suggest you first download this file (index.htm) to your local computer, and save a copy of it for reference. You can then edit it, or you can create a new index.htm file for yourself, using any HTML editor such as:

Sources for HTML, Clipart, Backgrounds, Textures, Colors

Once your file is created, you will need to upload it via an FTP client such as:

CGI Scripts

TIAC has provided several CGI scripts for you to use-- the following are examples of how to set them up for this web site.
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